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Out of all the conflict human beings can go through, family-related issues can be the most devastating. From divorce to child support and everything in-between, you need (and deserve) an attorney who has your best interests at heart and genuinely cares about the outcome. Our seasoned Divorce and Family Law Attorneys have a wealth of experience. Our senior Attorney, Mr. Douglas Trent, has been guiding his clients through the daunting process for more than 40 years.


We believe in the importance of being thorough. We will take the time to discuss all legal procedures, options available to you, and cost options in as much detail as possible. Why? Because we believe that you deserve to know exactly what you can expect, with in-depth knowledge about the process to come during this challenging time.

Family Law

Trent Law Firm proudly provides rigorous and firm representation to its valued clients throughout the Greater Chicago area – from DuPage County to Will County, Kendall County and beyond. We care about keeping trust and integrity at the heart of all we do, keeping costs as low as possible.


Paternity Issues

An unmarried parent is within his or her right to request child support from the child’s other biological parent. If a parent refuses to pay, when they are obligated to by law, state law typically allows for driving privilege suspension, loss of business licenses, wage garnishment, and more.

Child Support

Before a child reaches the age of majority, which is 18 in Illinois, every parent is legally obliged to support their children financially. There are few exceptions to this rule.

Custody Battles

Divorced spouses often endure long and excruciating custody battles. If parents fail to agree on their mutual parental responsibilities and visitation arrangements, our attorneys can assist and make arrangements on behalf of the parents. The courts will always make a decision based on the child’s best interests; issuing custody and visitation arrangements accordingly.

Adoption Proceedings

If you wish to adopt a child born of another person, you will need a court to approve the action. Law requires the court to analyze your fitness as an adoptive parent, and your ability to care for the child. The adoption process is far from simple, which is why it is important to commission the professional services of an expert adoption attorney in Illinois.


Before the celebrations unfold, engaged couples may want to consult a Family Law Attorney first. We will provide invaluable advice regarding the pros and cons of both prenuptial or premarital agreements – resolving issues before they become problems.


If you wish to legally end your marriage contract with your spouse, we can help. It is not an easy road, but rather, it is paved with issues including the division of marital property, settling collective debts, resolving child support and parental responsibilities, and more. Let us help during this difficult time, so you can focus on moving on.


All of this is just the beginning, and we can assist with much more. If it has to do with Family Law, it has to do with Trent Law Firm. We are always just a phone call away. Remember: You are never alone in your suffering. Consulting a professional lawyer won’t just solve your problems; it will bring peace of mind; knowing that your most pressing life challenges are in safe hands. Always. We look forward to meeting with you soon; closing this chapter of your life and helping you to move on to the next one without delay.