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If you have been wronged and sustained an injury that was not your fault, Trent Law Firm is the only name you need to know. We address civil offenses, fighting for compensation for the wronged party. This is referred to as Tort Law. In common law jurisdictions, it refers to a civil wrong that causes loss or harm resulting in legal liability for the wrong-doer. There are three kinds of Tort Law: Strict Liability, Negligence, and Intentional. Negligence cases are the most common.

From animal attacks to automobile defects, burn injuries, nursing home injuries – and everything in-between – we fight fiercely to bring you justice. We understand that no two cases are the same, which is why we treat each one with the unique respect and devotion it deserves. We are dedicated to getting as much compensation as we can for our valued clients; covering both personal injury and damages – including property and/or emotional.



You are fully within your rights to sue for pain, suffering, medical bills, and lost wages owing to the injury you sustained. However, fighting alone (without legal knowledge, experience or expertise) can prove impossible. It would be devastating to lose more money in a legal battle, without even obtaining the outcome you seek. With so many legalities and complexities involved with personal injury/tort cases, one must never underestimate the importance of commissioning an experienced, committed personal injury lawyer from Trent Law Firm.

By choosing us as your advocate, we vow to do everything in our power to get you the compensation you deserve. It all begins with one phone call.